Connections and collaboration

So how can you get involved with the UNSW TELT community of practice?

1. Contribute to this wiki

This is a protected wiki however membership and contributions are encouraged
Simply click on the JOIN button.
Add and improve content and pages as you wish.
We're keen to continue to grow the wiki and to expand it's scope to include more pedagogical aspects of TELT

2. Start blogging!

Subscribe to our TELT blog (see section on RSS) & set up your own
Use the tags unsw and unswtelt and give us a nudge to let us know you're there
You might even like to include a link to or feed from the TELT blog on your own.
Ask us about aggregating UNSW content so we all connect instead of talking in silos.

3. Join the Sydney Technology in Education Network (STEN)

This is a cross-sectoral network of local people with a passion for TELT, e-learning, new media, connected learning .....
Check out the NETWORKING page for details - the group will soon have it's own wiki

4. Get twittering

A growing number of the TELT & STEN communities are using Twitter to communicate.
See the Microblogging page for information on Twitter.
To get started follow a few of our community members, see who they follow and slowly (and critically) expand your own network
Here's a few local people - why not add your name to the list!:

5. Join our Diigo Group

We are bookmarking useful TELT online resources, papers, sites at
Join Diigo and the group, and add the Diigo toolbar to your browser to get started
See our social bookmarking page for more information and a 'how to' guide
If you're a user - never fear! You can set up your Diigo membership to feed back into your account as well.
Click on a tag below to see the bookmarks...

6. Invite us to talk to your networks & teams

We are available to introduce TELT and to talk about the underpinning philosophy and/or individual applications.