What do I use - a wiki or a blog?

t's a question often asked!
While there is some overlap, wikis and blogs typically support quite different types of use.
Blogs generally appear as 'newsy' types of short posts that seek to provoke, engage or inform. Traditionally the most recent post shows (ie. reverse chronological order) and previous posts are archived.
Wikis on the other hand appear as 'static' pages - they are 'flat' and organised via links between pages. While each page can have a discussion area behind it, wikis don't support discussions well and the subject matter tends to be more informative
They complement each other well, and are often used together
In fact our UNSW Wordpress blogs have a wiki plugin that enables users to include wiki pages in their blog





  • latest news
  • commentary
  • personal 'voice'
  • observations
  • updates
  • product reviews
  • resource information
  • reflections about events or projects
  • championing progress
  • gaining feedback/ opinion
  • cross linking to posts of others
  • debates
  • posts are generally not edited but ongoing comments are possible
  • generally one or small group of authors of posts
    (although any number of commenters)
  • Blog owner retains editorial control
  • collaborative document writing
  • constant revision
  • event planning
  • project management
  • brainstorming
  • list making
  • portfolios
  • how to guides
  • resource sites
  • joint construction of knowledge
  • glossaries
  • manuals
  • editable content that grows/evolves over time
  • can have any number of authors
  • knowledge repository
  • database
  • enable emergent voice - an agglomeration of the input of the community
    of users who are interested in the content being managed

L&T uses

  • professional journals
  • research progress/communication
  • class debates - post issue / POV and students comment
  • practicum/ field work reflections
  • newsletters
  • Unit updates
  • championing successes
  • highlighting student achievement
  • *
  • course wiki with navigation arranged by student name
    (each student has a page/ pages to develop)
  • course wiki with navigation arranged by topic/theme
  • course wiki with navigation arranged by weekly content
  • course glossary - arranged alphabetically
  • small group project wikis
  • practicum planning wikis
  • database of good practice
  • housing of policies and procedures