Recording audio

It's possible to record good quality audio at a minimum of cost.
Useful guide by Tony Vincent - Podcasting for Teachers and Students

Here are a few options:

1. Straight into audacity on your computer

Audacity is a free, downloadable, audio editing application that does a good (entry level) job recording, editing and exporting audio.
If you wish to export your file as an MP3 you need to also download the lame mp3 encoder available on the same download site.

There's a useful guide on using Audacity on Stephan Ridgway's wiki

The quality of your recording naturally depends on the quality of your microphone. However it is possible to use a cheap $10 mic and get a reasonable result - it depends on your final use.
I (RJ) like the Visivox lapel mics from Canada which can also be used with ipods (see below)

2. iPod Nano + Belkin Tunetalk


3. iPod + Belkin GoStudio

A trusted colleagues says...
"Found a great audio/podcasting tool that works with ipods $170 Belkin GoStudio – (purchased from our local Apple Shop) have used it in lots of different environments, meetings, outdoors, conference and it creates great, clear audio – allows you to plug in external microphones and lapel mics and eliminate hums etc while recording – built in mics are really good and multi-directional. Light, robust, effective and cheap – meets all my criteria"