UNSWTV performs two main roles:
1) It is a public-facing channel to showcase research and learning and teaching achievements.
2) It is also a simple media management system for academics and students to upload and publish audio, videos and PDFs.

Depending on copyright, material can be made private or public. With the press of a button, digital material can be sent to You Tube, iTunes U, and your own UNSWTV collection. The system encodes the files for you, making it easy to take material from desktop to publishing point.

It builds on the MyMedia service, relationships between UNSW, Google, Apple and others in pushing forward with innovative technologies that can be used for educational purposes.


UNSW TV removes some of the barriers of producing online media such as compression decisions (making the file "just right" so it will play back properly), and allows everyone to publish where they need to, whether it be one of the uni YouTube channels, iTunes U to leverage that application's ability to move media to mobile devices, into an online discussion group, or allowing the flexible serving of copyrighted material that traditionally would have needed a physical presence on campus to use.


UNSW TV Portal

This is the main interface for uploading media, creating playlists and assigning publishing points. These publishing points may be the UNSW TV presence, YouTube or iTunes U singularly or in any combination. UNSW TV will replace the MyMedia remote upload system when it is launched for semester 2, 2009. Once users have created an account, they create a profile template and playlist, assign copyright to their material and press the "upload" button to send their media to the determined publishing point/s.

This pre-release video articulates the approach and functionality:

iTunes U

see separate page


UNSW also has a partnership with Google which has resulted in the development of 2 channels on the media sharing site YouTube - The eLearning channel is dedicated for course content, related material and group activities, - The Community channel is dedicated to life on campus and UNSW community activity -

An anthropological introduction to YouTube