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RSS or Really Simple Syndication makes it possible for people to keep up with favourite sites via subscribed feeds which send summaries of new content in an automated manner into special programs called aggregators or feed readers.

Commoncraft introduction


Will Richardson's RSS Guide for Educators


Locating the Feed URL

Once you begin to access and use social software sites you really need to establish some form of RSS feed reader/ aggregator to make life easier.
There are a huge number of options available to gather (aggregate) feeds from your favourite sites. A few only are covered below.

While some aggregators are intelligent enough to subscribe to a feed with only the site's primary URL (eg. Bloglines) some require the actual feed URL. Sometimes this is difficult to locate!
Most blogs provide this information via an icon or link in the navigation menu. Look for a simple 'Subscribe here' worded link or this type of icon...

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The feed address will look something like this (but does vary)- http://learnonline.wordpress.com/feed/

Popular RSS aggregators

Bloglines is another popular web-based aggregation tool.
Example - or click on thumbnail below to view screengrab
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Google reader

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