Peer review applications

We are currently investigating peer review options for the TELT Platform.Selection is likely to include both group peer review and individual calibrated peer assessment applications.

Group peer review criteria/ considerations

What do we want the final product to offer us? [please feel free to add additional criteria to the list]

Look and feel

  • user friendly navigation and interface
  • UNSW branding - clean accessible look and feel
  • reliability and stability


  • LDAP friendly - WSSO enabled
  • locally hosted
  • (otherwise) passwords can be changed and email notification sent
  • alternative email address can be set by students
  • integration with other UNSW applications - Blackboard9, eMed Eportfolio tool, Omnium voice feedback

Membership and group creation

  • group creation based on specific criteria - survey results, language, demographic
  • student created/selected groups
  • allows email notification to students based on range of variables

Assessment design

  • descriptors developed for each score/grade
  • easily developed/ modified assessment criteria
  • instructor selects from range of options re what is provided/reported to students
  • ability to track progress over time and multiple reviews
  • clustering of criteria by skill set etc
  • alignment with Graduate Attributes
  • multimedia options other than written text
  • role plays with aliases

Reporting and data

  • range of reporting formats available - graphical and numerical
  • variable timing of reports to individuals or teams
  • data/ results can be downloaded in multiple formats
  • customised feedback to students
  • different instructors within course can receive selected reports
  • data and reports are archived and available for access by students and staff


  • linked to wide user/ developer community
  • future sustainability and growth

Calibrated Peer Review (CPR)

Good overview paper
Student CPR tour
Main site with FAQ


  • Blackboard offers a simple self and peer assessment tool
  • The project lead developer Hannah Whaley illustrates exactly how, when and why to use Self and Peer Assessment in Blackboard:

Comparative table

Click here for a product focused comparative table of Peer review tools

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