About Lectopia

Lectopia®, originally developed at the University of Western Australia, is a lecture capture and delivery system for educational institutions wishing to make audio
and visual material from lectures available online.
"Lectopia was developed around the function of recording live events (specifically lectures) across an entire campus, and making streaming / download / podcast versions of these recordings available on-demand soon after the lecture. The recordings are intended for students who are unable to attend the live lecture, or for revision purposes. In this way, it is intended to be installed in a large number of lecture theatres, capturing a large proportion of live lectures. "

Sites of interest

Lectopia Support Tutorials

A series of 7 support videos are available via Youtube:
1. Lectopia Self-Service Tool: Adding or removing staff access
2. Lectopia Self-Service Tool: Updating your podcasting preferences
3. Lectopia Self-Service Tool: Opting Out of automatic recordings
4. Lectopia Self-Service Tool: Creating a new course
5. Lectopia Self-Service Tool: Updating your course preferences
6. Lectopia Self-Service Tool: Scheduling & Editing Recordings
7. Lectopia Staff Tool Overview
The full series can be viewed via the following embedded video. To view each episode separately or to access via High Definition go to YouTube