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Software, tool or technology with particular functionalities used to support and enhance learning and teaching
Integrated applications - those that function in an integrated way within the LMS Blackboard9 LMS
Associated applications - those that function alongside the Bb9 LMS via links
Bb9 is an abbreviation of "Blackboard 9", the most current (as of January 2009) version of the Blackboard Learning Management System
Blackboard Inc is the name of the software vendor from whom UNSW procure software licenses for the Learning Management System (LMS) and related software, as well as some professional and technical services (consulting).
See Blackboard Inc's website for further corporate information
A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, news or other material such as graphics or video.(Wikipedia)

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The structure, content and intent of educational courses
eLearning Group Administrators. Faculty based staff whose role it is to provide support for L&T applications.
Software that feeds student and course data from NSS to Vista 3
Enterprise application
Large-scale application, centrally maintained and supported.
As opposed to non-enterprise applications which are small to medium scale departmental applications.
Abbreviation of Faculty of Excellence Initiative.
A T&L@UNSW initiative and an integral element of UNSW strategy to encourage and support wider pedagogically appropriate use of the LMS.
Identity Management project which aims to provide staff and students with a single UNSW identity and single-sign on to all UNSW sites and systems.

The UNSW IT Department
"Just UnLock the Information Assets "
Current project to expand and develop UNSW data warehouse and business intelligence capability
The UNSW Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DWBI) Platform delivers operational, analytical, “do it yourself” and canned reports to various areas around the University for decision support and planning.
Just-in-time learning materials
Stand alone resources (multimedia or text-based) that provide readily available and accessible practical 'how-to' guides relevant to an individual's immediate needs.
The UNSW Learning & Teaching Department
Learning and Teaching Portfolio
Section of the IT at UNSW department responsible for the development of enterprise level solutions to support TELT
Software package that enables the audio/video capture of lectures for access online.

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An abbreviation of Learning Management System. A Learning Management System is a software system that supports the planning and delivery of learning objectives. Typically an LMS will enable students to access learning content (such as papers, articles, study guides and multimedia content) via the world wide web. Often students can use the LMS to communicate with teaching staff and other students via online discussion boards, mail and chat, and often assessment and quiz can be conducted online using the LMS.
Maple TA
Mathematical software used for testing and assessment online

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Mediawiki is an open source web-based wiki software application originally developed to serve the needs of the free content Wikipedia encyclopedia.
Software that resides between two systems enabling data transfer.
Data migration - moving information between data storage devices

System migration - moving computer programs from one platform to another
An open source LMS

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My eLearning Vista
My eLearning Vista is the name UNSW has given to the current (as of January 2009) version of its Learning Management System (LMS)
An online UNSW tool that allows teaching and support staff to upload and manage their own video and audio files
Current UNSW administrative portal
Small to medium scale departmental application.
NewSouth Solutions - University administrative systems (Financial, HR and Student)
Omnium is a research group of academics, designers, artists, programmers and writers who work collaboratively (and from different countries) to explore the potential the Internet allows for what we term – online collaborative creativity (OCC).

Omnium Software provides a web-based interface, designed specifically to encourage formation of professional, educational and public online communities and networks. It is used within visual arts & design disciplines and for others that rely on a high level of visual content.

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The art or science of teaching to address the needs of diverse learners across multiple contexts
A web portal is a site from which staff and students can access multiple applications and services from a single access point.
Questionmark Perception. Assessment management system that enabled the creation of questions organised into exams, quizzes, test or surveys.

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Tools for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published via elearning systems

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) makes it possible for people to keep up with favourite sites via subscribed feeds which send summaries of new content in an automated manner into special programs called aggregators or feed readers.
Anti-plagiarism software included with Blackboard 9
The property of a system, a network, or a process, which indicates its ability to either handle growing amounts of work in a graceful manner, or to be readily enlarged (Wikipedia)
Tag/ tagging
A tag is a user generated keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an internet bookmark, digital image, or computer file). Tags help describe an item and allow it to be found again by browsing or searching.
Technical architecture
A description of the structure and behaviour of the technology infrastructure of an enterprise, solution or system, addressing issues such as performance and resilience, storage and backup.(wikipedia)
Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching
An integrated suite of L&T applications that address the learning and teaching needs of academic staff and students.
Anti-plagiarism software
Multimedia publishing and podcasting system incorporating YouTube, iTunesU and private UNSW channels.
meeting room/space
Applications that enable groups to meet and communicate online via text and voice chat, application sharing, shared whiteboards, etc.
Virtual world
A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars. One of the most popular Virtual Worlds is Secondlife.
WebCT was the vendor of the WebCT range of Learning Management Systems. In 2007/8 WebCT merged with Blackboard Inc, and their LMS is in the process of being incorporated into the Blackboard range of software.
A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language.Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites.

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Wikispaces is a wiki hosting service (sometimes called a wiki farm) that provides free basic wikis with WYSIWYG editing to the general public under a Wikispaces subdomain or private wikis with advanced features for an annual fee.
A product consisting of a suite of tools that enable the recording and playback of audio and voice messages within web sites.

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An open source blogging application. WordpressMU is a version of Wordpress that enables the establishment of multiple blogs for users within an organisation