Elluminate Learning Suite

During S2 2010 we piloted the Elluminate Learning Suite. This will include planned integration with both the Blackboard and Moodle Learning Management Systems (LMS). It has three components:

Elluminate Plan!

Organise, script, and package content and activities before a live session, automating routine tasks, allowing focus on facilitating real-time interaction.
Elluminate Live!
Enables instructors and students to interact and collaborate in real time to add synchronous content to asynchronous distance learning or combine blended online/onsite learning activities.

Elluminate Publish!
Create standalone recordings or industry-standard video files from Elluminate Live! session recordings that can be stored on a computer, LMS, website, or CD ROM.

Pilot expression of interests has now been closed. Latest know issues can be viewed via the TELT System Summaries.

Training Schedule

Semester 2 2010 pilot participants attended the following training:

1 x 60 minute live online orientation session via Elluminate Live! (link to archive recording)
Date: Tuesday 20th July
Time: 10am – 11am
Location: online via Elluminate Live!
NOTE: Please run the setup wizard to ensure that you have a trouble free training session.

1 x full day face to face hands on session (link to archive recordings below)
Session 1: Getting Started With Elluminate Live!
Session 2: Next Steps For Moderators With Elluminate Live!
Session 3: Getting Started with Plan!

Date: Tuesday 27th July
Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm (catered lunch @ 12.30pm)
Location: Learning and Teaching @ UNSW, Seminar room (LG29), Goodsell Building (F20)
NOTE: Attendance restricted to pilot participants only. If you plan to use your own notebook and preferred headset, please run the setup wizard to ensure that you have a trouble free training session.

For further pilot information please see other sites of interest or contact:

Karsten Sommer
Educational Technologist | Room 426, Level 4, Matthews Building | Gate 11, Botany Street, Randwick | Learning and Teaching @ UNSW |
Email: k.sommer@unsw.edu.au | Web Site: http://learningandteaching.unsw.edu.au |
Tel: + 61 (2) 9385 2842 | Fax: + 61 (2) 9385 2463

Pilot project participants!

Since one of our goals as a TELT group is to enhance your experience with Elluminate Live! and this pilot, please, watch the following tutorials:

For Elluminate Live!: introductory video; other brief introductions (requires registration) and archived sessions about Elluminate Live!

Moderator User Guide
Participant User Guide

Consider it a PILOT BOOT CAMP.

TELT System and Technical Information Summary

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