Course development resources

UNSW Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching at UNSW

These 16 Guidelines are designed to support and assist staff in reflecting on and improving their teaching, in order to enhance the educational experience we offer our students.

To learn more about the guidelines go to the Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching website

Also available are idea sheets for implementing the Guidelines

Guides to online learning

For teachers
For students

Designing and planning your online course

UNSW Course Outline template This template is the minimum requirement for the provision of information for students.
Course design This Learning and Teaching @UNSW resource provides information on developing learning outcomes, developing learning activities, UNSW course outline template, assessing student learning, small group teaching, large group teaching, group work and feedback on teaching.
Designing learning activities This resource describes how a range of learning activities relate to the three core aspects of a course - tasks, resources and supports. There are also links to a number of case studies.
Flowcharts, storyboards and sitemaps This resource has examples of various visual maps depicting the organisation of online courses.
Planning worksheets This resource contains planning documents and samples of templates that you can use for planning your online or blended course.

Faculty examples
  • School of Mining - this spreadsheet maps the learning activities and assessment tasks to learning outcomes, graduate outcomes and Salmon's 5 step model of online learning. Storyboard_MINE8110.xls
  • Faculty of Science - this template maps resources, activities, assessments and administration for each week of semester. Science Blended Learning template.docx

  • COFA Blended Template maps resources, activities, projects, administration for each week of semester. Click here for a completed example.
  • COFA Learning to Teach Online project is a free professional development resource designed to help teachers from any discipline, whether experienced in online teaching or not, to gain a working understanding of successful online teaching pedagogies that they can apply in their own unique teaching situations.

Case studies

    • Case studies (UNSW) This resource provides links to a range of case studies from across UNSW.
    • Case studies Contemporary online teaching cases from Deakin University

Graduate attributes

These resources will help you understand what UNSW graduate attributes are and how to address them in your teaching.

Getting Started This resource includes pages on where to start, course outlines, perspectives, sharing practice, embedding attributes, assessing attributes, support available, program support and related policies.
Toolkits This resource contains toolkits to help you with oral communication, group work, information literacy and creativity.

Educause Learning Initiative Discovery Tools

This web site Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) – Discovery Tools has a wealth of resources, including:
  • Workshop guides on topics such as blended learning, learning spaces and the "Net Generation".
  • Technology guides on topics such as blogging, podcasting, applying technology to teaching and learning
  • Student Input Tools provides a student/faculty questionnaire on technology needs and a methodology for obtaining student input on learning spaces.

Learning designs

This AUTC funded site, Learning Designs provides exemplars, guides and tools to inform the design of online courses.

ADDIE course development plan

ADDIE is a generic instructional design model consisting of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Each step has an outcome that feeds into the next step in the sequence. If you are redesigning your course to incorproate learning technologies, this framework may be of value.
Course outline
Stage (ADDIE)
  • aims
  • learning outcomes
  • graduate attributes
  • rationale
  • Identify the course and the learning and teaching challenges
  • Review the course design with reference to graduate attributes and alignment with assessment process
  • Teaching strategies
  • Assessment
  • Academic honesty
  • Redesign the course structure with appropriate learning activities, identifying relevant support technologies
  • Identify the required resources and timeframe for development
  • Resources for students
  • Development of online course and resources
  • Course evaluation and development
  • Implementation/evaluation of course

  • Reflection and collation of documentation
These sites provide more information on the ADDIE model: