Learning and media - a natural fit

Learning is a transformative narrative. It happens over time and it goes from point A to wherever the student chooses to alight with amazing things. Knowledge creation occurs on the journey.

Media is very similar in that it is time based (ie it happens over time) and follows a pathway from start to finish (that is the transformative part). If you take a simple example of educational media, eg a video demonstrating a necessary technical procedure to students, it fits this template perfectly. It follows a path and gives enlightenment. Admittedly, it delivers a modest outcome but it does fit the transformative narrative model perfectly.

More complex material provides deeper transformation and that is what we are after.

Digital media are building blocks in curriculum development. In an educational context they require an academic or educational developer to give deeper meaning to the media content by incorporating it into a learning activity. This, in turn, provides a learning outcome (the act of learning or acquiring knowledge).

Think of educational media as the anchor around which meaning can be derived.

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