Blackboard Learn v.9

Introduction to Bb9

If you're new to Blackboard v.9, there are useful videos on the Blackboard website. Also visit the Quick Tutorials Library.

Overview of Blackboard Learn

Visit the Overview of Blackboard Learn page to access a Powerpoint presentation taken from a web seminar Blackboard Trainers delivered to the FEI project group on 4th March 2009 plus answers to questions raised by the group.

Blackboard 9 Questions and Answers

See our Q&A page where you can have your queries answered and share your findings with the community.

Blackboard 9 Course Role Privileges

For information on the Blackboard Course Role Privileges, click here.

Blackboard 9 Resources & Links

Blackboard Learn Instructor Manual

Supported Client Configurations (browser and Java requirements)

SafeAssign wiki - includes PDF downloads and links

Blackboard use exemplars

University of Texas interviews with staff using Blackboard

Blackboard 9 posts and sites of interest

Using Netvibes to incorporate RSS in Blackboard

(RSS feed from our Diigo group)

Blackboard 9 Issue Log

As technical issues arise they are captured on our issues page.
You are free to add issues here as you locate them (check that the issues has not already been noted) OR you can email Daniel at d.gooch[at]

LMS Comparison

Here's an attempt to capture a comparison of the functionalities that a range of LMS offer
Feel free to add and edit!

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